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maison cheil.

stack ring

stack ring

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Handling of Silver

Please care for the ring with silver polish.
The ring has a smoked finish.
If you polish the smoked area too hard with silver polish, the smoked area will fade away (even jewelry cleaner will peel off the smoked area, so please be careful).
(Jewelry cleaners will also remove the smoked finish, so please be careful when handling the ring.)

Silver will gradually tarnish due to sulfidation.
You can maintain the beautiful texture of your jewelry by cleaning it with silver polish (with an abrasive cloth) or jewelry cleaner.

Please refrain from using your jewelry in hot springs, as it will turn black when immersed in hot springs containing sulfur.

Storage Methods

When storing, remove dirt and store in a plastic bag with a zipper to prevent exposure to air. Or, store the jewelry in a jewelry box, etc. If the jewelry is left too long with dirt such as perspiration on the hands, it will discolor. When not in use for a while, please store the jewelry as described above.

Other Notes

Do not shock the product as this may cause accidents or damage.
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